Old age

It is strange that something has become of me, because I have done so much in my life quite the opposite of what should have been done.
(To Jussi Jalas, 13th June 1943)

It is wonderful to be appreciated during one's own lifetime. There are so many who never discover that their art has won its place. I'm truly grateful to the British and the apostles of the Queen's Hall that the tributes to me reached me during my lifetime.(E. Michael Salzer 1947)

I read in the paper that I cannot accept the invitation to the Edinburgh Music Festival because of my advanced age. This is the first time this has been said of me, and it is certainly more pleasant than saying, for instance, that I am sick, in which case everybody would pity me. I was always the youngest and I got used to being young. Even today, at almost 83 years old, it feels strange to read about "my advanced age".
(To Jussi Jalas, 26th August 1948)

I am never alone. I have my fantasies.
(To Jussi Jalas, undated.)