Student years

Jean is my musical name.
(To Pehr Sibelius, 31st March 1886)

Martin Wegelius was absolutely the right man for the job. (Ö) Martin was an extremely enthusiastic teacher.
(Karl Ekmanís biography of JS, 1935)

Martin Wegelius

I worked very hard under the supervision of (Albert) Becker [in Berlin 1889-1890] and I wrote a great number of both vocal and instrumental fugues. But I could not help feeling that I was dealing with things that belonged to the past and my patience was sometimes exhausted. However, I steadfastly endured it to the end and I have no regrets.
(Karl Ekmanís biography of JS, 1935)

At last Iíve come to the place that was created for me!
(To Martin Wegelius from Vienna, 25th October 1890)

Indeed, Vienna is an elegant city. Very much to my taste. Everything is big and joyful, light and clear. Yesterday I was walking for 6 hours to get to know places, and now I can find my way quite well although my sense of direction is rather poor.
I have kissed your picture and your letter so often that they are lying all crinkled in front of me.
(To Aino Jšrnefelt, 26th October 1891)