The last masterpieces, 1920-1930

I, who owe you so much, can say that without you my life would have come to a standstill long ago and my achievements would be poorer and smaller.
It is no trifling matter to be the wife of a composer like me. The happy intervals, when the work is ready, are scarce, and the struggle in the dark of the night is long. The fact that you have endured these storms of our life is truly wonderful.
When I now express my heartfelt thanks to you, I have this gnawing feeling that I have so far done much less than what an artist in my position ought to do. I hope that it will still be possible for me to express my gratitude in deeds.
Lastly, I express the congratulations of my brother and sister and I ask you to remember how fond my mother was of you."
(JS's speech at AS's 50th birthday, August 1921)

My life is definitely finished. If just once I'm in a merry mood and take a glass, I have to suffer for it for a long time afterwards This terrible depression which Aino cannot understand and which I have inherited from my ancestors. Because I'm so thin-skinned or lacking in confidence Aino and the children will never receive proper support in life.
(Diary, 3rd October 1923)

Life is rich and deep.
(Diary, 31st October 1923)

I have to give up conducting, for I've reached a point when I have to make special efforts to calm my nerves, something that my doctor, too, has been well aware of.
(To Aino Sibelius, 9th October 1924)

I now have everything in order financially, and I can concentrate on what I want to concentrate on. Isn't it wonderful.
(To Linda Sibelius, 9th March 1927)

My alcohol consumption is very moderate.
(Diary, 22nd June 1927)

Always, when I am alone, my thoughts turn to Aino, that lovely woman.
(Diary, 12th September 1927)