Incidental music

Op. 45 no. 2 Musik zu einer Szene for orchestra, Dance Intermezzo

Completed in 1904; first performance at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki, 5th March 1904 (Orchestra of the Helsinki Philharmonic Society, under Jean Sibelius). Piano arrangement (Tanz-Intermezzo) in 1904. (See also op. 45 no. 2.)

Op. 45 no. 2, Dance Intermezzo. Orchestrated in 1907 from the piano arrangement of the incidental music Musik zu einer Szene (1904).

At a charitable event on 5th March 1904, Sibelius conducted the tableau music Musik zu einer Szene under the title: Ein Fichtenbaum - träumt von einer Palme. The performance was quickly forgotten, but in 1907 the work became Dance Intermezzo. This extremely light and elegant little work shows Sibelius at his most entertaining.