The renovation of the dwelling house and the construction of the extension, 1911- 1935

As soon as he moved to Ainola, Sibelius realised that it would be difficult to have the activities of work and family-life on the same floor. In 1911 the upper floor was made habitable in a major renovation, and during the years 1914-1915 the kitchen and maid's room were extended, at a time when the household was preparing to celebrate the composer's 50th birthday. The renovations can be seen in the photograph.

Jean and Aino with Margareta, Katarina and Heidi in the courtyard of Ainola in the autumn of 1915. The outer walls of the house have been covered with boards and painted. The window jambs have been painted green. The stairs in the corner lead to the entry porch. As a result of the extension an overhang has been added to the roof of the kitchen gable. The newly tarred shingles of the overhang can be distinguished from the rest of the roof by their darker shade. The attic window is larger than before. Behind the window is the Ainola guest room.