Works for solo voice and orchestra


Op. 3  Arioso
for soprano and string orchestra; words by Johan Ludvig Runeberg. Completed 1911; first performance in Turku on 30th March 1914 (Ida Ekman, Turun Soitannollisen Seuran orkesteri under Karl Ekman). Arrangement for voice and piano 1911.

Op. 33  Koskenlaskijan morsiamet (The Rapids-Shooter's Brides), ballad
for baritone or mezzo-soprano and orchestra; words by A. Oksanen. Completed in 1897; first performance in Helsinki on 1st November 1897 (Abraham Ojanperä, the orchestra of Helsinki Philharmonic Society under Jean Sibelius). Arrangement for male choir and orchestra; first performance in Helsinki on 22nd April 1945 (Laulu-Miehet, Radio Symphony Orchestra under Martti Turunen).

Op. 70  Luonnotar (Daughter of Nature), symphonic poem
for soprano and orchestra; words from Kalevala. Completed in 1913; first performance at the Gloucester Music Festival in England on 10th September 1913 (Aino Ackté, The Festival Orchestra under Herbert Brewer). Arrangement for voice and piano in 1915.

Serenad (Serenade)
for baritone and orchestra; words by Erik Johan Stagnelius. Completed in 1894-5; first performance in Helsinki on 17th April 1895 (Abraham Ojanperä, orchestra of the Helsinki Orchestra Society, under Jean Sibelius).