Residences in Helsinki 1939-

11. June 1939 - December 1942 Sibeliuksenkatu (Kammiokatu) 11
Proprietor: Savo–Karjalan Tukkuliike

It is not known whether Sibelius composed anything in the rented city apartment in Kammiokatu. Professor Martti Paavola recollected that he once had the opportunity to look inside the safe in the Kammiokatu apartment. He remembered seeing a number of scores: a requiem, a symphony and several symphonic poems.

12. September 1951, Välskärinkatu 7

The reason for renting an apartment in Välskärinkatu 7 is a mystery, since the composer never used it. His daughter, Eva Paloheimo lived in a large apartment on the top floor of the same block. At that time there was a housing shortage in Helsinki and she might have been forced by the authorities to share the apartment. Sibelius may have been trying to forestall such measures and to spare his daughter from "strange lodgers".