Apartments in Helsinki 1892-99

Addresses of apartments in Helsinki; the numbers refer to the numbers on the map.

4. Kalevankatu 45

5. Puistokatu 9
6. Itäinen Kaivopuisto 21
7. Kasarminkatu 22

8. Liisankatu 21

4. Autumn 1892 – spring 1893 Kalevankatu (Wladimirinkatu) 45
District IV Quarter 75 Site 30, Proprietor J. F. Rikström

Helsinki City Administrative Court archive

In this apartment Sibelius completed the first version of En Saga and the popular choral piece Venematka (A Boat-ride).

5. Autumn 1893 – spring 1894 Puistokatu 9
District VII Quarter 135 Site 5, Proprietor Frans A. Åström, captain of a merchant ship

Helsinki City Administrative Court archive

In the apartment in Puistokatu Sibelius composed, for example, the Karelia music from which he later prepared the popular Karelia Suite. Aino, who was pregnant with her second child, moved with her daughter Eva in June to her parents at Orismala in Isokyrö. Sibelius spent his summer abroad (see Journeys).

6. Autumn 1894 – spring 1895 Eastern Kaivopuisto
District IX Quarter 21

In this apartment Sibelius completed The Wood Nymph and prepared the first version of his Lemminkäinen Suite from the drafts for the opera The Building of the Boat.

He gave up the apartment for the summer, as was the normal procedure. The Sibeliuses spent the summer in Waania, on the shore of Lake Vesijärvi (see Journeys).

7. Autumn 1895 – spring 1898 Kasarminkatu 22
District VII Quarter 104 Site 14, Proprietor Alexander Streng, Master of Arts

Helsinki City Administrative Court archive

In the Kasarmikatu apartment Sibelius completed about twenty works, including the Lemminkäinen Suite, the opera The Maiden in the Tower, The Rapids-Shooter's Brides and the incidental music for King Christian II.

8. Autumn 1898 – spring 1899 Liisankatu (Elisabetinkatu) 21
District I Quarter 22 Site 9, Proprietor Laurell

In the Liisankatu apartment Sibelius completed, for example, The Song of My Heart.